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Affordable swiss mechanical watches under the $500 budget for 2019

On the list there are affordable watch machine manufacturers like Reef Tiger, but I feel it is necessary to include some micro-brand aesthetic DNA that meets the desire of new buyers and experienced collectors for smart and consciously designed watches. The price on this list is as low as $140, and the two most expensive products happen to be $1,000 and $1,250, and I do offer a high value for this price to prove their presence on this list. Of course, the top ten list is not completely comprehensive, but as time goes on, we will keep updating the list, and Reef Tiger always covers new mechanical watches of great value, and there is no shortage of resources to discover new and affordable machinery watches (two breaks the watch snobbery is a particularly good podcast, co-hosted by Reef Tiger, Michael colleague. I would also like to invite you, our readers, to comment on what you think is worth adding to this list and why. I really want to know what I missed or didn't think about. Needless to say, here is a list of 10 affordable mechanical watches I got nod from snobs in 2018. Please note that these watches are not in a special order, so don't put any value. We have Oriental's overall clothing list on the original list, but we are pleased to see the stability and quality of the Bambino Small Seconds watch launched in early 2018. The classic retro-style design (especially the second hand turntable at 6 o'clock) with the new movement F6222, an improved version of the Eastern F6724, can be the best value for today affordable mechanical watches. In addition, it has an exhibition case on the back, although it is not something that can be written home, it's attractive and perfect to complete and execute. The 40.5 mm wide, 12 mm thick case is delicately balanced for brushed and polished finishes, and the Bambino Small Seconds watch has five styles to appeal to a large number of people. Variants and reference numbers are as follows: RA-AP0001S10A rose gold case, white dial, RA-AP0002S10A natural steel case, white dial, RA-AP0003S10A natural steel case, champagne dial, RA-AP0004S10A gold case, The white dial and RA-AP0005B10A natural steel case with black dial. Everyone shares an elegant and charming baton-shaped hand and a mixture of Arabic numerals and indices on the dial. Priced at $305 or $325, depending on the model, it's not hard to see why this classic affordable mechanical watches has gained a place on our updated 2018 list.