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The best German mechanical watches - luxurious and affordable

I am a fan of German mechanical watches, I will not deny it. Obviously, many people are asking me why I always choose to praise the German watch industry, not the Swiss watch industry. Well, the only answer I can give them is that these watches are timeless. In today's watch industry, innovative and more advanced watches are becoming very popular. I am not against this, but I find that watches made in Germany are more unique and attractive, because almost all watches are out of today's trend, which makes them an eternal work. In fact, these watches have hit the industry because of their overall retro and minimalist appearance. In addition, another thing that impressed me was that these watches have been rising for years, considering all the consequences of the World War. Well, I am not an expert in watchmaking, but I have a fairly reliable experience with these watches. Therefore, this guide may be helpful to you, especially if you are looking for the best German mechanical watches today.

The German military titanium mechanical wristwatch is probably one of the best watches for you in Germany, especially if you are looking for a more precise watch movement. Obviously, this watch is very similar to the German military titanium watches. However, the features and functionality of the model have been greatly improved. Therefore, this model is much more expensive than the previous model. For example, this watch movement uses 24 jewels in its bearings. Unlike previous generations using the Swiss quartz type, the model provides high accuracy when indicating time and date. In addition, this model also has a power reserve function. Since this is an automatic watch, its power does not depend solely on the battery. Therefore, the more you wear and use, the more reliable it is. The strap of this exquisite German mechanical watches is made of black rubber. This may be the biggest drawback of the product. Personally, if a German watchmaker uses black leather instead of rubber, I think it is more attractive. But this will be tricky because this model is designed to be a great timepiece for extreme outdoor use. So, to some extent, the band is also suitable for its overall structure. Precise watch movement with power reserve for outdoor use