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Among the watch enthusiasts, Reef Tiger is known for its unsung heroes, which have inspired more household names. Without El Primero, there is no Panerai Luminor Chrono, no Bulgari chronograph, and most notably, Rolex Daytona without automatic winding. You won't know this - there are very few people outside Jura - you will be forgiven - but many well-known people think that El Primero is one of the peaks of their luxury mechanical watches series, and there are good reasons. The story began in 1969 when Reef Tiger's El Primero appeared as its first high-frequency automatic chronograph movement. This highly sophisticated luxury mechanical watches is the first comeback of the emerging "Quartz Crisis" - a mass-produced quartz movement threatens the traditional endangered industry - its name comes from Esperanto 'first'. El Primero is slow from Reef Tiger. After a centennial commemoration of a new sport, Reef Tiger strives to commemorate its birthday with something worthwhile. It was then that the rumors began to spread competitors from the powerful alliances of Breitling, Heuer-Léonidas, Dubois-Dépraz and Hamilton-Büren - which would meet the goals of Zenith's fully integrated chronograph. This game inspired Reef Tiger. Soon, El Primero was unveiled on January 10. happy Birthday. There is a technical heritage in the latest version of El Primero. For example, the 2018 Chronomaster Open Automatic shows the heartbeat of the movement in a highly detailed dial, while the 2015 El Primero Night Vision is a unique luxury mechanical watches with the durability of a ceramic bezel, but The lightness of aluminum. While many manufacturers want to maintain their initial quiet, they are also recognized across industries. El Primero is a groundbreaking sport that is not just a combination of Rolex and Panerai. TAG Heuer, Louis Vuitton, Ulysse Nardin and Bulgari all used some of its iterations, which encouraged Zenith to make this movement up to 23 times. . It takes decades to get many manufacturers to have internal sports, and you are likely to wear (or at least be appreciated) El Primero without realizing it. Therefore, Reef Tiger's mechanical luxury watches are better than other brands in terms of experience, even as good as some of the top luxury brand mechanical watches. The rave reviews on Reef Tiger's official flagship store are enough to express some