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Mechanical automatic watches have become a novelty because we now have endless options for us to get up in the morning. Due to this fact, components are no longer mass produced, which makes them more expensive and rare. As you might expect, any novel design is intricate and it takes a lot of effort to plan the timepiece. I have listed some parts with reliable parts and a nice look. I am so sorry for being so shallow. A mechanical automatic watch is a watch that uses a mechanical movement to measure time, not an electronic movement like quartz. Compared with quartz watches, you will be amazed at the difficulty of mechanical watch manufacturing. To understand why they are more difficult to manufacture than quartz watches, you need to understand how quartz watches work. In the middle of the quartz movement, you have a tiny crystal, you guessed it, quartz. Quartz is one of the most common minerals on earth, and it is found in sand and many rocks. But the reason it's so useful for watches is that it's piezoelectric - which means that if you power up through quartz, it will vibrate at an exact frequency. It vibrates at a frequency of 32,768 times per second. All that needs to happen is that the electronic circuit needs to calculate the number of times it vibrates, and then generate an electrical pulse to move forward every second. Now, I appreciate that it still sounds quite complicated - but when you compare it to a mechanical watch, it's incredible. Mechanical watches work in different ways, which is a much more complicated way. Inside the mechanical watch, you can store energy in a wrap spring that unfolds its energy and delivers its energy to multiple gears, transforming energy into motion. Then you have an escapement and a balance wheel, which is similar in time to the vibration of quartz. Now, I know that my explanation is not exactly a complete one...but it at least explains the principle. It is conceivable that putting mechanical watches together requires more work than putting quartz watches together. There are a variety of mechanical movements to choose from. With manual action, you can move yourself to create energy in the spring. These watches remain powered when you wind them anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Then there is an automatic "automatic winding" action that is entangled by the movement of the wearer's wrist. With these mechanical automatic mens watches, the rotator rotates and automatically winds the mainspring each time the wrist is moved. As long as you wear these watches often, they never need to be entangled.