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10 affordable classic retro mens mechanical watches in 2018

This is simply beautiful. One of the early models they introduced in the mid-1970s. The 0634 series is still a popular retro mechanical watches being sought. There are other variations of the series, but they all have the same look. Two front buttons for controlling chronograph functions, lighting and other setup functions, with no side buttons on either side. The outer casing is made of one piece stainless steel with true glass crystal. Very sturdy building. This bracelet is an original pair with a buckle on the SQ logo. This is the international model 5001. It is actually the world's first retro digital mechanical watches. When it first appeared, it was actually more expensive than other Swiss watches, such as the Omega Moon Watch. Look at how expensive these things are at the time. This is a great video from my friend Michael Bolton on his YouTube channel. He showed his collection in 0634 and fixed it from the crash table to full functionality. This is a great video to see the interior of this watch and the quality of this watch. To shorten it, this is the most accurate retro mechanical watches they made in the 70s. In addition, it is probably one of the most accurate civilian watches of all brands in the world. However, after 40 years of market preparation, it is still current in terms of accuracy. Now you see how superior it is. Unlike other retro mechanical watches offered at the time, it surpassed other watches by using two high-end quartz in the movement. One is responsible for maintaining the time of the movement, and the other is for adjusting the fine tuning of the timekeeping logic by detecting the temperature that affects the accuracy. This method greatly improves the general accuracy of the movement. Most other watches still use their monthly seconds to evaluate their products, and Reef Tiger's dual quartz models feature seconds to show their superior accuracy. And this SUPERIOR is the best of them, with an accuracy of 5 seconds per year! This retro luxury mechanical watches is expensive and very expensive. Some people say that its cost is roughly the same as that of the Japanese car at the time, each piece is 230,000 yen! You can see the price in the photo below. Even today, a good example of this watch is still high-priced sales, mainly for collectors, because this is an important model that marks history and still maintains good performance with very little service. This is indeed an amazing watch.